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Music toy

Theremin Brick, an electronic instrument that can generate sound and control it with hand movements.

It works like a true Theremin, approaching the right hand to the vertical column changes the frequency. Moving your left hand to the opposite side changes the volume.

A digital tool that connects to our 8-inch tablet with Windows 10 via the USB port.
Obviously you can connect to other systems even though they have installed the Windows 10 operating system. Control software allows you to browse dozens of the most common tools such as fad, trumpet, pianoforte, cello, organ or among the tools that generate the typical spatial sounds that are heard in science fiction films.

Take a look of an artist that use a professional Theremin.


A toy that generate music in a professional way simply moving the hands.

A fantastic way to play music from yourself.

Some basic instrument are available as default like flute, violin, piano and harp.
On request there are available dozen of instrument and complex sounds.
All is managed by our Controller and with the support of Windows 10.

You can generate your own instrument/sound.