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About us

We are a young company, however our partners have a long, multidisciplinary experience as leaders in the world of industry.
In the face of these skills, we have decided to migrate experiences and competences in the toy world and youth training.


Our mission

In our planning, we consider the age of the child but without making it a constraint.

Many of our toys grow together with children who change their ways of using them based on their new experiences and emotional needs.

The child learns and grows above all by pretending, inventing, constructing, playing a part.

The elements to look for in a game to encourage the growth of a child are precisely the possibility of constructing, inventing, manipulating.
In fact, unlike the already packaged game, it is important to give the child materials and tools to be assembled so that he can create an educational game.

Also, another important element:  the sounds,  the music.

Already from the three months, in the womb, the child perceives the sounds, but the maximum development of the ear is from 3 to 6 years, the same period in which the child learns the greatest number of words.
Our team, considering how they could help children to know and appreciate music, playing, has developed the toy version of the most famous and professional “theremin”.


Production partner

Our production partner, the KaiYu Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in China,  in Chenghai the “Toys & Gift City”.

KaiYu toy factory has  large production capacity and  rich experience with over 20 years in plastic toy.

We them started a new clever toy program for the 2018.

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